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Learn with passion to live with purpose

MAGNISKI'S students to approach their studies with enthusiasm and dedication, recognizing that a deep passion for learning is essential for success in the field of digital marketing. By instilling a sense of purpose and meaning in their learning journey, students are motivated to acquire knowledge and skills that will not only advance their careers but also align with their personal and professional goals.

We just keep growing

"Join us on a journey of continuous growth, where we expand offerings, enhance resources, and forge partnerships for an unparalleled learning experience. Together, let's embrace lifelong learning and endless possibilities."

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What make us special ?

our unwavering commitment to excellence, personalized attention to each student's growth, and our dynamic approach to staying ahead of industry trends.

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Who are we ?

We are a team of digital marketing experts dedicated to empowering individuals with personalized learning experiences. Our focus on innovation and excellence ensures students achieve their goals in the dynamic digital landscape.
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What we do ?

We provide comprehensive digital marketing education, tailored to individual needs, led by industry experts. Our mission is to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today's digital world ,We offer top-notch courses.
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How it work ?

Our approach involves interactive learning, practical projects, and expert mentorship, ensuring hands-on experience and skill development in digital marketing concepts .We combine innovative teaching methods with real-world applications.
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At our institute, we offer a diverse array of computer courses and digital marketing programs, led by industry experts and tailored to meet the demands of the modern tech landscape. We prioritize cultivating not only technical skills but also critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability, empowering students to excel in their chosen fields and shape the future of technology and marketing.

- Mr.Manish mehlawat, Co-Founder -

Meet our team

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Alex Suprun
Marketing Technologist
team 2
Aaliyah Gale
SEO Consultant
team 3
Vicky Hladynets
Web Analytics Developer
team 4
Anaya Madisyn
Digital Marketing Manager
team 5
Ashkan Forouzani
Growth Hacker
team 6
Bethanie Cher
Content Manager
team 7
Bennett Hlady
Information Architect
team 8
Anemone Jonette
Content Strategist
team 9
Ella Betty
UX Designer
team 10
Joslyn Kathryn
Social Media Manager
team 11
Elizeu Dias
UI Designer
team 12
Zowie Karena
Accessibility Specialist


If you’re looking to make an impact, we’re looking for you

We work together as a friendly, supportive team
We strive to find the best solution, not the easy one
We go the extra mile to deliver work we’re proud of
We put our students at the heart of everything we do